Nothing To Lose

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This is truth. A lot of things come, most of them go. C'est la vie.

Listen: Hey U

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Hey U by jenandkerosene

Groove Theory - Hey U

There isn't a song more chill than this.

1, 2, or 3

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During my lifetime, I’ve discovered that there are generally three types of people.
People who fall into this category are those with a sense of entitlement. When good things happen to them, they never question why. In their way of thinking, it’s only natural that things should have fallen into place so perfectly - why shouldn’t they have? They’ve never considered reciprocating because it is not in their nature to feel the requirement to repay good deeds. To them, good fortune is based on their own positive attribute - they’re likeable, lucky, attractive, etc.
Those who belong in category two believe in equanimity. “One good deed deserves another” is their mantra. These individuals tend to compensate - if someone has done a favor for them, they will gladly return the favor. Category Two individuals can almost alway be counted on to do what is expected of them - primarily because their mindset is programmed to do just enough to call it even. Category Two people can usually be depended on to match what has been done for them.
These are the overachievers, the rare souls that believe that if someone has done a good deed for them, that person deserves to be repaid tenfold for their kindness. These individuals are not motivated by recognition but a sense of duty. They are moved by a desire to improve the well-being of those they care about, regardless of what they might receive in return. To them, the simple happiness of those they help is worth more than any flattery or compliment they can ever receive. These people are the ones who take initiative. They do things for other without being asked, simply because they tend to think in advance about how they might bring a smile to the faces of those they love.
I personally believe that everybody has the potential to be in this last category. It is a matter of personal growth. To me, “Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” isn’t good enough. I’d rather say “Treat others with compassion, and it will show you that there is no excuse for being treated with anything less yourself.” One meets his/her full potential when they come to the realization of how much they can care about someone other than him or herself. Your own concept of self worth will be based on how much you invest in others. If you treat someone like they’re golden, it’s only natural that you will begin to think “I deserve to be treated like this too.”

Listen: A Sunday Kind of Love

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A Sunday Kind Of Love by jenandkerosene

All time favorite, oh-so-timeless. Etta James (Ms. James if you nasty) is a QUEEN. Happy Sunday y'all.
I am most likely working this Sunday but if by some stroke of luck I am not, I'll be partying with the best of the best here:

Hosted by my favorite party animal TK Nguyen, this will surely be THE place to be this weekend if you're looking to make the most of your three day weekend. With an impressive roster of DJs like Mark Marcelo, Julz, and Jay Dread, it's guaranteed that there will be great music to dance your asses off to. But ladies, please do not pull a Britney and keep your shoes on. I don't care how much your feet are killing you. You do not want to hear of the horrors I have witnessed happen on the sidewalks of downtown San Diego. For those of you who are more see-ers than do-ers, you can enjoy performances by the ever-so-talented dancers of Blush and Culture Shock SD.

Click here for the official Facebook event page.

Click here to purchase presale tickets for the event from Ticketmaster.

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